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RubyMotion: Debugging Objective-C

Following the release of RubyMotion we can finally talk a bit about it (if you haven’t yet, I definitively encourage you to check it out!)

For one of our upcoming project (super ultra top-secret, but you can see the icon here  ;) we need to mix a bit of custom Objective-C in the project. “Vendoring” the project in RM is a breeze but due to the complexity of this particular piece of code (a custom version of GPUImage), NSLog is not enough for debugging.

Fortunately, you can use Xcode to debug the Objective-C part super easily. Just start your app in the simulator with rake and open your vendor project in Xcode.

From there, make sure you selected iPhone/iPad simulator as a target and don’t click on “Run”

Open “Product > Attach to process” and select your app in the process list

Note that, as it runs in the simulator, your app won’t appear in the “Applications” group but in the “System” group.

Once done, just set your breakpoints, watches, … as you usually would. Everything should work as expected.

Have fun with RubyMotion, we sure do!

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