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As part of a project for one of our clients, it was necessary to play animations in order to make the site more lively. Very quickly we thought about using spritesheets. We were unsatisfied with the existing solutions, therefore we [...]

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RubyMotion: Debugging Objective-C

Following the release of RubyMotion we can finally talk a bit about it (if you haven’t yet, I definitively encourage you to check it out!) For one of our upcoming project (super ultra top-secret, but you can see the icon [...]

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Share your beats with the Drumlet !

The Drumlet is the latest music experiment from Epic.net mixing Javascript, Canvas, Web Audio and Social sharing to bring you the very first Drum Machine using these technologies.

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Digital Painting With Photoshop

Because we like sharing, you’ll find this amazing book made by Epic (thanks Henry) relating theory about painting, colours, composition, lights, textures and so on with « How-to » so you can try these technique yourself and share the love.

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Animate a 3D Model with the timeline

If like us, you enjoy 3D animation, you might like what’s in this post ! It’s not magical but it’s still awesome and we’re sure that going through this case will give you tons of ideas to experiment these techniques.

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Why labs?

Our desire to be always on the cutting edge often leads to research and experimentation.
Therefore we decided to share the results with you and maybe you will find the inspiration to lead them further.