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Epic is born from the passion and spirit of 4 specialists. Let’s cut the bullshit, we know you probably think we’re only another agency on an overcrowded market. That’s what makes us stronger, because we also know how to stand out from the crowd and how to find the perfect creative and appropriate solution for your greatest projects

Why are we so different? Because Epic is a unique blend of mixed experiences : we worked in well known agencies, small agencies, been freelance, had another activity, worked for small, middle, large accounts, some were martial arts champions, others fell in webshops when they were young, but all of us, and I really mean ALL, were driven by the very same passion, and this constant urge for quality and creativity.

We’re a (succesful) team


Partner / Lead developer

Hugues fell in Steve Jobs’s kangoo when he was only a little shrimp, but today, he’s an accomplished web developer who gained many skills from his previous experiences as a developer and as an IT architect for one of the most respected belgian digital agency.

Moreover don’t ever dare to challenge him on an apple contest because he will literally kick your ass!

Special moves : please note he looks like a bad-ass when he’s dressed as a biker. Yeah, Hugues digs speed and you shouldn’t cross his path on the freeway, ever heard of the street hawk?

Hugues Lismonde

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Partner / Project manager

Benoit first put his hands on computer when he was just 8 and when the screen were flashy-green and black which is certainly one of the reasons why he watched "The Matrix" more than 20 times. Since then, he has tried more softwares, websites and beta stuff than the whole EPIC team will ever do (note: you wish Benoît)… Why? Because curiosity is like a second nature for this crazy-about-his-daughter young daddy.

You've got it, Benoit is not an amazing designer nor an unbelievable developer but he knows enough about both worlds to understand what can be done and what should not. For the last 7 years he ran internet projects for either very small and (very) big companies.

Besides spending a lot of time managing projects with us at EPIC, and because Benoit does not like to watch "Plus Belle la Vie", he also owns and manage a successful e-commerce website for more than 6 years from now along with some other projects which keeps him awake (very) late in the evening. So if you want to talk about e-commerce, online marketing, social media, community brands and all those nasty words, lock him with you in a meeting room and for sure you will get out of there with a bunch a cool ideas! (and perhaps you will also fall in love with him, youuuu naughty boy).

Benoit Rondeux

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Partner / Interactive developer

If I say "flash","AS3" and "design" you must directly think about Karim. This tall and sturdy guy is a former karate champion whose passion for design and illustration naturally drove to search for a way to move a step forward with animation.

He only needed a formation in flash development to be totally grabbed by its possibilities and now he has become a very talented interactive developer, not only because of his skills for development but also because he is the stuff the best designers are made of! That's what makes him so unique!

He worked with some of the most talented designers and developers of Belgium and his experience is one Epic's most valuable asset. Plus, he's a new "daddy" so don't forget to ask him about his daughter, he will tell you with the biggest pleasure

Karim Maaloul

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Morgan is the well known mysterious "top gardener"...Okay, okay, just kidding...Morgan is especially known here for his aptitudes in business management, numbers juggling and his activity as a manager in the family business that is Leidgens.

Working at Epic Morgan is the guy who is always the very first to come with an answer as soon as valuable management skills are required, plus, et he is a fearsome merchant who eventually led us to our famous :"You need to bargain? Just send Morgan".

Always smiling, Morgan has also a thing for speed, hunting, good food and fighting with bears with only his bare hands...or at least that's perhaps what he always dreamt of.

Morgan Leidgens


Ninja developer

Fabrice is our brand new Ninja developer. He's not only really good at all these matrix stuff with 1 and 0 but he's also a talented DJ during his past time. As discrete as a real Ninja, he will kick your ass on Bomberman or Halo. As a design lover, he's also able to give a real good advice on our designs. Okay, he's been here for only a few times but we will learn more about him in the upcoming time and perhaps we'll have a lot more things to say about our new comrade-in-arms.

Fabrice Lejeune

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Front-end developer

Directly landed from some unknown nordic territory, Kevin is a warrior always ready to hit the challenges that get on his way. He could be described as the missing link between designers and developpers touching in both world all the time but he's more than that!

Observer and keen on learning everyday, he never hesitates to fully engage in what he does. He'll be happy to change the world with you over a couple of drinks (preferably some unknown tough beverages) and perhaps he'll tell you a mythological tale… unless you prefer to speak about the Middle Ages. But I warn you, you cannot beat Kevin to besiege a castle!

Besides that, he enjoys mountain biking, pagan folk music, Scandinavian landscapes and Breton pancakes. You'll find him experimenting stuff in front of his computer or simply smiling about the colors of the autumn forest not far from his pond. 'Cause yes, he's convinced that there may have a balance between love for nature and passion for new technologies!

Kevin Dessouroux

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Project Manager

Alex is a passionate one! But what is he passionate about? Well, the web is for him a big playground where he'll lose track of time testing all these cool kickass next big things that will change the world. He sleeps with his smartphone and there's an iPad hiding behind the mirror of his toilets. If you tell him that, “the first rule about Fight Club is...” he will know that the second rule is not about soap.

Organized by nature, he's the kind of guy who will test all kind of productivity softwares to find the one that really makes projects run efficiently! He loves design and understands how programming can be challenging so he talks to both worlds in order to bring the magic and make sure the client is happy. Curious and open by nature, he will talk to strangers and even better, he will listen to them!

Besides, he loves music/concerts, taking photos, watching great films/series and backpacking around the globe.

Alexandre Derwa

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Tamed coding Ewok

Cedric is (to our knowledge) the only tamed coding ewok born in the wild.

You didn’t know there was such a thing as a tamed ewok? Neither did we! It was long and painful process. It costed us scratches, bruises and heaps of chocolate but we are now proud to say that he grooms himself and wears clothing (a rag counts as cloth right?).

You didn’t know there was such thing as a coding Ewok? Well few aren’t, they are natural crafters but you can’t twine twigs for living nowadays. This little fellow is a peculiar specimen, it just like a little furry coding machine frantically braiding object, block, events, lambdas, collections,… you name it.

What an asset for our company. His alien head output crazy, original (if not disturbing) ideas, very useful in brainstorming. Also, his luster facial hair and genetic cuteness sooth the toughest clients (come on, who wouldn’t? Look at him). Last but not least, you don’t need even to pay him. Just throw a little chocolate cookie from time to time.

Cédric Feyaerts

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Account manager

One and only woman of the team so far, Carole tries to improve everyday in the arts of serving the client services and add a bit more the feminine side to EPIC (where there's hope…).

Born for marketing and passionate about the upcoming digital trends, Carole is convinced that life is 10% what happens to her and 90% of how she reacts to it. This motto has applied to her everyday working routine since she started working in the web industry a few years ago.

Always eager to bring users and brands digital projects together, Carole is a true believer that account managers can also come up with good creative ideas! Good at multitasking (did we already mentioned she was a girl?), Carole jumps from a project to another to give our customers the best solution to meet their digital needs.

And when she’s not spending time trying to understand her colleagues’s geek humor, Carole loves playing tennis, spending her winter vacations skiing or enjoying Belgian musical festivals in the summer.

Carole Haine

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Web Designer

In the depths of the Eastern world where the light struggles to peak on the horizon, a rōnin heard a growing rumor.

Some famous Spartans, they say, were so talented, they vanquished death itself. The rōnin undertook a long and difficult journey. Meeting new challenges every steps, challenging fencing masters in logotypes, pictograms, …, to a web-design and typography lover. Long mastered the art of graphic weapons. And when finally at the other end of the world, he faced to those legendary warriors, the rōnin became samurai because there's no greater honor for him than serving at EPIC.

On the contrary to popular belief about travellers, Long's stronger suit isn't alcohol tolerance. Share with him a single glass of sake, hydromel, wine or beer and he'll roll under the table before your first sip. Unfortunately for him, opportunities to celebrate around a drink at EPIC are quite numerous.

Nevertheless, he would be delighted to share a cup of tea with you if you like.

Long Cao

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Web Developer

Nicolas (but please call him Nico) is the little Padawan of the team or we could also say that he is to Hugues what Pinkman was to Heisenberg: the apprentice (apart from the prohibited substances aspect of course!).

Always cheerful, he's the first one to laugh and tell jokes and it's really hard to argue with him! He also needs his (huge) daily dose of caffeine to get things started when he’s not dreaming about driving beautiful sport cars.

When he's not watching Breaking bad, Game of Thrones or playing LoL, he reads books and writes code to discover new stuff (yeah, he’s a very devoted Padawan!)

He recently fell in love with Ruby and he also wants to improve his Javascript, CSS and HTML skills. For him, sharing knowledge with the community is essential and he really likes OpenSource projects (that's probably why Linux was his playground before he discovered OS X).

Nicolas Collard

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Managing assistant

Finally! Carole was quite desperate in her mission to add a bit more the feminine side to the team but Géraldine arrived to help her achieving this goal ("Who run the world? Girls!").

Graduated in Management Assistant, Géraldine is the rare find EPIC has been looking for a long time in order to help the team in the paperwork organization and the (very) useful administrative tasks implied in the everyday life of the agency.

Discreet and smiling at first sight, beware of appearances, she knows exactly how to twist someone around her little finger!

During her free time, this young mother likes looking after her daughter, walking her dogs, reading, cooking and shopping! To sum it up: she wants to take hold of life with both hands!

Géraldine Danse


Graphic Designer

Wenzhu is the last disciple of a Taiji master and also a believer.

He believes in a world harmony, Yin always married to Yang, the Good to the Evil. He also knows power must be completed by wisdom.

He believes in dreams. That makes him continuously keep on challenging himself. Fixing goals, making efforts, reaching the next level, and then… fixing new goals…

He believes in action: "now is better", and "if we don't ask, we won't get".

He believes in imagination. For him, human brain has no boundaries, not exploring it would be a waste.

As a designer, Wenzhu is quite a multidisciplinary one, from typography to illustration, from web design to mobile apps, he just can't help himself trying new things.

You may say he's a dreamer, but he's not the only one. By joining the Epic team, he's already making his dreams happen.

Wenzhu WEI

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Yeah, we promise we will win other fabulous awards in no time and to quote John Lennon : “And you know that, for sure!”

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