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Knewledge contacted us to benefit from our design expertise to update their logo and rethink their visual identity from the ground up. We’re proud of it! We hope you’ll like it!

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We are (an) epic agency

Epic agency is an award-winning belgian digital agency which proudly works everyday on ass-kicking projects such as highly interactive and creative flash websites, usable XHTML, HTML5 websites, efficient IPhone / IPad applications, nice and clever graphic identities, successful e-commerce development, and many more great projects. If you ever saw us running in our offices waving our red capes and yelling with virility, well, we had just received them and they were really awesome.

“ The Spartans are the equal of any men when they fight as individuals,fighting together as a collective, they surpass all other men ” Damaratus to Xerxes

Yes, you’re right, we’re not your average digital agency and we’re awesome too, so why don’t you grab your damn phone and contact us?

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